Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New camera, first roll of film


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So I won a old 1969 Yashica 635 on ebay the other day. (One of these)

First roll throough. Same kind of film as the folding kodak's i've been using, but it shoots a square frame on them, rather than the 6X9 that is a bit more standard. It's and absolute joy to take picture with though - bigger and heavier than the 35mm cameras I'm used to, but forces you to slow down to take the pictures.

Put a roll of film through it over that past few days, just about the house and in the car. Hoping to put another roll through it this weekend, spend a day about Manly with it. Sounds strange, but it's kinda intimidating taking pictures with what feels to be a very conspicious camera. I'm used to flying under peoples radar on the street, so this will be interesting.

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